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Well that's the last year of the Barna Railway, I haven't been able to run the trains as much as I wanted to this year. It was a very busy year with the arrival of our new baby and selling our house.

Many thanks to all the people who contacted me over the year and my apologies to the many people I didn't get back to, but it became increasingly difficult to operate the railway email account due to the excessive number of rogue emails received every day.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all from the

Barna Railway. 



The permanent way staff have started work lifting the tracks.

A small permanent way gang lifting the tracks at Barna Bridge.

 The tracks came up very easy and the entire railway was lifted and boxed in just one day.

 Although I'm not leaving the house until March I want to have the garden tidied up before the new people move in.



We have sold our house and we will be moving in early 2010.

I will start taking up the tracks shortly.



It's official, we have put our house up for sale and I will be taking up the railway when the house sells. All projects have ceased and no new rolling stock will be purchased this year.



We are thinking of moving house, this would mean closing down the railway. It's a big decision to make but I would love a bigger house and garden. I've stopped all work on the railway for the moment. 



I've started work on a small signal cabin for the boiler house sidings.

Hopefully I will have it finished by the end of the month.  



It was a lovely Spring day today so I managed to get out and do some track cleaning and point maintenance. I got the trains out for a quick test run, it was nice to see them running again.



Our new baby boy was born today, we called him Ryan.

I will be taking a break from the trains for a few weeks.



The rewire is now finished and fully tested. It took a full three days to do the job, I used 100 metres of twin and earth cable, six new junction boxes and 500 clips to fixed the cables to the track bed.  

This is my ballast cleaner, I used this to remove the ballast from the edge of the track and in between the sleepers. I put the vacuum cleaner hose into the hole at the top right on the lid and the ballast can be sucked into the box through the 25mm black hose.

Once the cable route was clear of ballast I then clipped the cables into place and covered over with new ballast.  



Following a full examination of the external power cables I decided to start a full rewire of both the lighting supply and track supply cables today. I will install two new ring circuits using 1.5sq twin and earth cable clipped along the track bed and then covered in ballast.



We had the first snow fall of 2009 today, the snow started early in the morning and continued to fall until the afternoon.

 I cleared the track and ran a few short trains for about an hour, I managed to get a new few photos for the Winter Gallery.

 The forecast is for more tonight.



A serious power supply problem has caused the lights to go out in the Barna Junction Cabin, the Kelso Goods Depot and several buffer lamps. After a quick inspection of the cables, I found a lot of damage to the insulation due to mice and in some places the cable have been eaten right through. The track supply cables are also damaged so it looks like a full rewire is required, thankfully the points control cables are not affected as these are of a higher quality.



The economy might be in recession but the Barna Railway is still taking on more staff. I have started another six Permanent Way lads this week, bringing the total to sixteen.   



Our new Permanent Way staff started work today.

They didn't get much of a chance to rest, as you can see they went into action straight away.

 There are ten new lads in the gang, I think the other five were having tea in the van.


I reckon these lads will be busy over the coming year.  



 Happy New Year to all our website visitors.

With a bit of luck we might get some snow like we did last year as the Winter Gallery could do with a few new images.



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