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Well that's it for 2007,  I would just like to thank all the people who visited the site and to wish everyone a very happy new year from the Barna Railway.



Operations on the Barna Railway resumed today after the points clearing and track cleaning work was completed. The Autumn leaves were a bigger problem than was expected, but it's all systems go now for a full winter of running.

 (Bring on the new year and some snow...!). 



 All trains services on the Barna Railway have been suspended until further notice due to heavy Autumn debris on the line. The points at Barna Station and Junction have become clogged and are not operational. The track along Platform 1 is also blocked with a large amount of very small leaves.



The Barna Railway extension line was completed today. This section of the line will be known as the "Dip" due to the steep downhill gradient off the mainline. The first test train travelled up and down the Dip without any problems but testing will continue over the next week to see how trains handle the steep gradient and tight curves.



The bridge over the water feature is now completed and is in position. Check out the construction page to see photographs of the finished bridge. 



After a meeting of the Barna Railway management, approval was granted for an extension line to be built. This extension line will allow two trains to operate without the need to pass at the single line section. The extension line will be constructed as soon as the track is purchased.



The bridge is now under construction. I hope to have it in place before the end of the Summer.



At last the pond and waterfall are finished, this project took much longer to complete than I expected but it was well worth the wait.

I just need to build the bridge over it now.....!



Construction work continues on the new pond and waterfall, however the project was delayed for nearly two weeks due to the recent spell of bad weather. The pond is now fully dug and lined and the waterfall is starting to take shape. 


Work on Barna station is on hold for the moment.



New rolling stock arrived  from Germany today, the order consisted of  a set of four DR ore wagons, a Minol oil tanker and an RhB Cargo Domizil  freight van. Clink on "the trains" link to see the pictures.



Work has started on the pond and water feature at Barna Bridge. The site has been cleared of paving slabs and digging has begun on the pond.



Construction has started on Barna Station platform. The platform will be cast in concrete.

The photograph below shows the shuttering in place.



Our latest rolling stock arrived  from Germany today, the order consisted of an Avia tanker, Leikeim beer box van and a Hohes C Box van. Clink on "the trains" link to see the pictures.



 Points control modification installed, this will allow simultaneous control,  from a single remote switch, of the points at both ends of the single line section . This will provide easier and safer running of trains in opposite directions when required.



 Barna Railway website launched.



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