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Well that's another year over, it was a very good year with very few operational problems and some great running days in the sunshine.

  I would just like to thank all the people who have contacted me and who visited the site and to wish everyone a very "Happy New Year" from the Barna Railway.



The oil depot is now completed and is in position at the boiler house sidings, I just need to make flood lights and add a couple of small additional details.



Santa Claus paid a visit to the Barna Railway and he left me three new box vans.

The new vans are a Cardinal Beer van (LGB 4034), a Löwenbräu Beer van (LGB 4131) and a Chocolate van (LGB 4032).


Thank you Santa..!



I have ordered five packs of Scenecraft railway workers today. Each pack contains two different workers and they will be put out on the railway sometime in January 2009. 



 The new digital decoders have been installed into the Stainz and Schoema locomotives. Both locomotives had direct decoder sockets on their main circuit boards, which allowed the decoders to simply plug in. There was no problem chipping the Schoema, but the Stainz was a little tricky to open up. I found the following guide very useful when it came to fitting the decoder:



  The Diesel starter set arrived this week along with the two digital decoders, I hope to have both locomotives chipped later in the week.



 I have placed an order for an LGB Diesel starter set. This set contains a small Schoema shunting locomotive, a Lehmann oil tanker and a flat wagon. The track and controller will be stored for future projects. I have also ordered two digital decoders for the new locomotive and the other one for the Stainz.



The DR Schotterwagen or hopper wagon (LGB 43410) arrived today. It got a quick run out on the track and it looks very well. I hope to buy a few more over time so I can make up a short hopper train.



The point motor controlling 223 points was replaced today after several recent derailments. As trains approached 223 points in the facing direction the switch blade would move causing a derailment, on inspection it was found that the point motor was not keeping the switch rail held firmly against the stock rail. The motor was replaced with a new one and the points operated without any further problems the old motor will be examined internally later.



I have ordered a new piece of rolling stock this week, a 2 axle DR hopper wagon (LGB 43410) which will operate as part of my track maintenance train. I hope to order some more rolling stock and perhaps a small shunting locomotive before the end of the year. 



Site clearing work is underway at the boiler house sidings for the next project. I have started to build a small oil depot which I hope to have finished in mid October.     



 Its been a few weeks since I updated the site, but now that the holidays are over its back to work on the Barna Railway.

I have removed the old concrete platform at Barna station, replaced the mineral felt and relayed the tracks. A new set of points were added at the old cottage end to form a crossover and short siding.  

 The area is now ready for the station platform..!



The "Kelso Goods Depot" was officially opened today.

Our goods depot was put in place today and the final finishing touches added.

The depot platform can hold two goods wagons and has a working loading crane.

   The depot is fully illuminated at night and has three full time staff.



I have now completed the revamp of the storage in the shed.

I have added three new storage shelves and extended the original floor level sidings.

The good news is that all the rolling stock can now be stored safely, the bad news is the shelves and sidings are nearly full.

I'm going to need more storage space sooner than I thought..!



I have just received another oil tanker today, our latest addition to the tanker fleet is in the cream Leuna livery. This is the ninth LGB tanker in our fleet.



With all the recent additions to our rolling stock I have found that storage space inside the shed is now very limited. I have decided to revamp the original storage sidings, add another work surface and put up some new shelving to hold my rolling stock. Hopefully this will ease the pressure on storage space for the moment.



All our new rolling stock has now arrived, the black BP oil tanker now brings our tanker fleet to eight. The mail van is an excellent addition to the end of our passenger stock especially at night with its two working tail lamps.



I have ordered another oil tanker today, the tanker is in the black BP livery and brings our tanker fleet to eight. I have also received the Texaco tanker and the DEV Fakultativ Combine carriage that were ordered last month, the mail van is delayed but hopefully it will arrive later this week.   



Barna Junction Cabin was officially opened today.

It took a bit longer to complete than expected, but it adds a nice feature to the railway.

 The cabin is timber over brick and is fitted with a lever frame, table and of course a small stove to keep the signalman warm.

 It's connected to our lighting circuit so it will be fully illuminated inside at night.



A major alteration was carried out on the maintenance siding today, this siding was very short and could only hold two wagons. It was decided to remove the right hand turnout and install a new left hand turnout further down the mainline. The siding now runs right up to the tunnel and will hold four wagons. 



Three new wagons have been bought this week to add to our fleet. This is the first purchase of rolling stock this year and I hope to have all three wagons operating early next week. The new wagons are a Texaco tanker, a DEV Fakultativ Combine carriage and a mail van.


The lights illuminating Barna Bridge were replaced today. The electrical connections on the old lights were beyond repair.

Three new sets were installed each with three blue LED's.

 These LED's are normally used for lighting up the inside of your car, but they make great spot lights for g scale structures.

 This time I made them waterproof with silicone so they should last a bit longer.



There was a lot of work done over the last two weeks by Sharon. We now have a several new flowerbeds and 32 additional plants. The work has helped to blend the track bed into the garden and over time will greatly enhance the railways appearance.

Many thanks to Sharon for all her hard work.



Work has commenced on building our first signal cabin, we hope to have it in place very soon at "the dip". There are plans to construct more buildings during the year.



Barna Railway is celebrating its 1st Birthday today. The first year went very well, with plenty of trains running. Now that the summer is fast approaching, the future looks bright for the railway, with new buildings and rolling stock coming soon.



 Locomotive V52 901 has had an LGB European diesel sound unit fitted today. Initial testing went very well and the sounds have added an extra touch of realism to the railway. Using the MTS controller there are several different sounds available, including an air compressor, safety valve, brakes and of course a horn.          



I managed clear a short section of track and run a few trains today before the rain came. The snow was nearly gone by the evening, but I took a couple of photographs and put them in a new: "Winter and Snow gallery"   



Barna Railway has experienced its first snow fall today, the snow started falling in the afternoon and continued until after midnight.


The photograph below shows Barna Bridge (taken at 23.30hrs.) 

We will try to get some trains out tomorrow for more photographs.



 Happy New Year to all our website visitors.  




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