"Images and descriptions of the buildings on the railway" 






 All the buildings on the Barna Railway are scratch built by myself. There are some great g scale building kits available for garden railways, but I prefer to make my own unique one of a kind buildings rather than buying a mass produced kit.

 I never work from plans or scaled drawings, I would normally only draw a quick sketch of an idea for a building and then start. Most buildings are made from copper clad boards (used for making electronic PCB's) soldered together then covered with an outer cladding of wood, plastic, mineral felt or bricks.

When using timber outside it's essential to treat it first with a good quality wood preserver like Cuprinol clear, soak it well with a few coats and allow it to dry out fully before painting it. Always use waterproof adhesives for outdoor work.


"The Old Cottage"

The "old cottage" was the very first building to be built on the Barna Railway, it's a small thatched cottage and garden scene complete with chickens that was built in the corner of the flowerbed at the end of the single line section.

The entire cottage is built from PCB copper clad boards which are soldered together and then covered with an outer finished, in this case a mineral felt. When the mineral felt is painted with a white masonry paint it looks like pebbled dashed walls and the thatched roof is made from a hanging basket liner.




"Barna Junction Signal Cabin"

"Barna Junction Cabin" is located at the end of the station platform. The building is constructed using PCB copper clad boards to form the basic shape of the cabin. The bottom section is covered with small clay bricks, while the top section is covered with timber strips. The window frames are made from individual strips of timber glued together and then glazed with Perspex.

 The cabin is fitted out inside with a linoleum floor, lever frame, table, wall clock and a small glowing stove to keep the signalman warm at night.

 This is the first building to be completed in our building programme for 2008.




"Kelso Goods Depot"

The "Kelso Goods Depot" is the second building to be completed in 2008.

 The depot consists of a fixed timber decked platform that can hold two goods wagons, a small goods store with canopy and a fully operational loading crane.

The goods shed is constructed using copper clad boards, then the outer timber cladding is applied to this. All the timber was soaked well with a clear wood preserver (Cuprinol clear) and allowed to dry out for five days, it was then painted with coloured fence paints. The roof is made from marine plywood covered with a mineral roof felt and the roof light is Perspex. The building is secured to the timber platform by four wing nuts but can be easily removed for painting.

The loading crane is based on a scotch derrick type, it adds a nice feature to the goods depot as it can be used for setting up loading scenes. 

The goods depot is fully illuminate at night both inside and out.




"The Fuel Depot"

The "fuel Depot" is the last building project to be completed in 2008. The fuel depot consists of a of three large fuel tanks and a small locomotive fuelling point. There is a large fuel pipe running along the front with four filling/emptying points.

The depot still requires flood lighting and some additional details.

I intend to construct a background scene behind this depot to cover the fence, it will have a painted scene of a factory or sheds.




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