"How I built my garden railway" 





















Welcome to the Barna Railway construction section, this section is divided into six pages, covering the track bed construction, building a simple tunnel, track laying, building a pond with a bridge, adding the short extension line and an electrical page explaining train and points control and illuminating buildings and structures.

There are many ways to build a garden railway, but hopefully you will find the following pages helpful if you are considering building your own garden railway.


I wasn't able to lay the track down directly onto the ground, so I needed to build a fixed track bed about 3-5 inches off the ground using tanalised decking planks.


Every garden railway needs a tunnel or two, here's a quick and cheap way to build a small tunnel using a  plywood frame and some old rocks.


With the heavy work completed it was time to lay down some track. All the track on the railway is made by LGB and is Nickel plated.



The biggest project by far was building the pond. A small shallow pond with a waterfall, it sounded so easy at the time. At least the bridge was simple to build.


After less than a year of running trains I started to build again, well a garden railway is never really finished. (that's what I tell Sharon..!)


The garden railway required a lot of wiring to get the trains and points operating. This section will help explain the  train control equipment, point control and illuminating the buildings and structures.





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