"Locomotives on the Barna Railway" 







The "Stainz" was the first locomotive to run on the Barna Railway, it came with the analogue starter set. It's fitted with a smoke generator, directional lights and a built in "chuffing" sound effect unit.


The Stainz is fitted with a direct decoder socket so I have installed an LGB 55021 decoder inside which allows it to operate fully on the digital MTS. 


This small locomotive is from the MTS digital starter set. It was very light and  struggled to pull even a small train. I added extra weight inside the engine hood which has increased its pulling capability greatly.


There are two flashing lights on the roof which look good at night. We normally keep this locomotive for hauling the maintenance of way trains.


This is the second locomotive from the MTS digital starter set. I have also added extra weight inside to help increase its pulling power.


The smoke generator only produces a small amount of smoke from the chimney, but its a good effect.


The biggest locomotive on the Barna Railway is the DB V52 901 Diesel.

I bought it new off eBay, it's a terrific locomotive with excellent pulling power.


I have fitted it with an LGB European digital sound unit. This gives it a full range of sound effects including braking,  air compressor and horn. This adds an extra touch of realism when running, and is a big favourite with my son.


This is the DR Kö 6503 shunting locomotive. It has directional lighting and small sun shades that can be pulled out over the windows.


It's small, but has a powerful seven-pole Bühler motor which makes it ideal for hauling our large freight trains.


This is the latest locomotive to arrive on the Barna Railway, the Schoema locomotive is from the LGB Diesel starter set. It has a powerful Bühler motor and directional lights.


I have converted it to digital by fitting an LGB 55021 decoder inside. It will be mainly used for shunting duties around the railway.



We hope to keep increasing our locomotive fleet and we will update this page as new items arrive on the Barna Railway. 


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