"Rolling Stock on the Barna Railway" 







DR Tank Cars 97-09-54

I bought four of these short tank cars

 to make up a small oil train. Each

 tank car measures only 250mm long and can be filled with water if required.



Petroleum Tank Cars

Many petroleum companies have their own tank cars, and I have ten of these tank cars all in different liveries.

Shell, BP Green, Texaco, BASF, Minol, BP Black, Esso, Avia, Leuna and the latest addition is Lehmann Oil.



DR Ore Cars (four axle)

These small ore cars come in a set of four, each car has a different number.

I bought two sets to form an eight piece train. Originally they had a grey ore filling but I have sprayed this with a matt black paint to represent coal.


DR Boxcar 99-52-03

Used to transport weather sensitive goods to and from the goods depot. This boxcar is always in use on the railway, the sliding doors on each side can be opened to allow for loading.




Commercial Boxcars

Like the petroleum tank cars, many companies had their own boxcars. I

have three of these colourfully decorated cars in the Leikeim Beer, Hohes C Juice and Persil liveries.


RhB Cargo Domizil Boxcar

This two axle freight car is painted in the Cargo Domizil package service livery. It's slightly longer than the other boxcars measuring 390mm and is fitted with metal wheels.



DR 2nd Class Passenger Coaches

This 2nd class passenger car has a fully detailed interior with high back seats and parcel shelves. It has opening doors and windows, I have two of these passenger coaches.


DR 2nd Class Combine

The combined passenger and baggage car has the same detailed interior as the full passenger coach. Its has opening windows and double doors on each side.



DEV Fakultativ Combine

Many narrow gauge railways use Fakultativ cars that could be converted to and from passenger and freight service. This model includes an interchangeable interior with opening end and side doors.



Illuminated Mail Car

This mail car is one of my favourite models on the railway, its has sliding doors on both sides with a working interior light and two working tail lamps. The lights are powered from the track through the two ball bearing wheel sets.



Mantra Crane Car

The Mantra crane car was supplied in the analogue starter set. It works as part of the maintenance of way (MOW) train. The crane is fully functional, the arm can be raised and rotated and it has two opening cabinets on each side.



Low Sided Platform Car

This was the second car supplied with the analogue starter set. Originally it had a small plastic truck on it but I was using this to carry track panels as part of the MOW train. This car is currently in the shed  being converted into a track cleaning vehicle.



DR Low Sided Gondola Car

This small gondola car has many uses from MOW work carrying ballast to hauling freight from the goods depot. It was supplied with the MTS starter set.


DR Low Sided Gondola Car

This is the second gondola car supplied with the MTS starter set. Mainly used for carrying freight.




DR Hopper Wagon

I really like this DR hopper wagon, it has opening hatches on each side to discharge the stone. It will carrying ballast as part of the MOW train.


Lehmann Oil Flat Car

This flat car came from the Diesel starter set. It will replace the low sided platform car that is currently being converted into a track cleaning vehicle.



European Style Box Vans

I have two of these box vans, one in the Cardinal Beer livery and the other is in the white Löwenbräu Beer livery. They have a covered platform at one end and sliding doors on both sides. There are two small open vents on each side.


Chocolate Box Van

The Chocolate box van is very similar to the European style box vans as it also has a covered platform for the brakeman on one end and the open vent detail on each side.





We hope to keep increasing our rolling stock fleet and we will update this page as new items arrive on the Barna Railway. 


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