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The main page and starting point on the site......



A brief introduction about myself, my railway career and building  the Barna Railway. 

Inchicore Railway Works

I wanted to mention the Inchicore Railway Works on this site because, having spent my childhood watching trains all day, it was no surprise I ended up working on the railway and building one in the garden. If only I lived next to a hospital, I might have been a surgeon....!

Track Plan

I hope to have a scale track plan available shortly, but for the moment you can see the track layout on the points control panel.



This section covers the building of Barna Railway, it's divided over six pages and will hopefully give you some ideas. 

Track bed construction

The hard work begins on the track bed, clearing flower beds and cutting endless amounts of decking planks.


Tunnel construction

A brief description of how to build a simple tunnel for your garden railway. 


Track laying and ballast

All the track work is made by LGB and is nickel plated.


Electrical control and wiring

This page will help explain the analogue and digital control equipment, points and track power, and the external wiring for lights. 


Pond and bridge

The biggest part of building the railway was constructing the water feature, my back still hurts..!. The bridge was built in the shed over two weekends.


Extension line

Description of building a short extension line to the inner loop, so I could run two trains without fear of collision. 

The Trains

On the train pages you can find descriptions and images of all the locomotives and rolling stock currently operating on the railway. There is also details of our latest addition to the fleet.  


There are currently five locomotives operating on the Barna Railway, they are all made by LGB.   

Rolling Stock

All the rolling is made by LGB, there is a good variety of stock from oil tankers, coal wagons and passenger stock.


Images and descriptions of the buildings on the railway. 


New Projects

What's next for the Barna Railway, when I get some spare time these are some of the projects that I will be working on.


Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to just some of the questions that you have over the last year, keep them coming I'm always happy to help if I can.

Barna News

Not quite Sky news, but all the latest news from the railway.

2007 News page

All the old news from 2007.

2009 Gallery

 A selection of Images of the Barna Railway taken during 2009, there will be more images added to this gallery throughout the year. 


2008 Gallery

Images of the railway taken throughout 2008, there's 36 to enjoy.


2007 Gallery

Images of the railway taken throughout 2007, there's 44 to enjoy.


Winter Gallery

Images taken when the weather is snowy or frosty, if I'm mad enough to go outside.


A selection of short movies showing the trains in action, their not going to win any Oscars but there worth a look.

Early morning oil train

Quick run before going to work, V52 and a few tankers.



No, it's not that Trainspotting film, this one actually has trains in it.


V52 in action

Mixed  freight train hauled by the V52 locomotive.


Freight train

Loco Kö 6503  hauling a short freight train.

Picture of the Week

Updated every week with a new image, providing the weather is good and the trains are running.



Useful links regarding garden railways and railway modelling.


Contact Me

Thank you for all your comments and questions but the contacts page, like the railway, is no longer operational.



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